Author: Cailen Knopp
Date Created: 06/01/17
Time Created: 11:49 PM MT

Hello visitor,
Welcome to the CAILEN.NET homepage. Here you can find useful links to the various areas of this site, and links for foreign sites including my social media, GitHub, and development blog.

CAILEN.NET is my home on the internet. I use a coding IDE framework to build websites on this website! I also host other websites on here, listed below in the SITE LINKS section.

My name is Cailen Knopp (get it, - Cailen Knopp). I am a sixteen year young man (as one might call me) living north of the US boarder who, sometimes, writes code. I also curl (curling is a noun, curl is the verb) in my spare time, but also design stuff in Creative Cloud, write stuff, and generally - do neat things. The programming languages I use (other than HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are Python, C, or C#.

Site News -

[~ Introducing Cailen.Host] ( Cailen.Host has been created to host assets, websites, files, and other stuff.
[~ Homepage Up] ('s orginal Tomato Terminal website design has been selected as my new homepage! Sites -

[~ Cailen Knopp] ( is my upstart politcal commentary/opinion website. I plan on mostly writting about Canadian federal politics. Currently there are no articles on there, but they will be dropping soon.

This site is made with a lot of break tags. ~~Coded by Cailen~~
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